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The Bruery Press Archives


OC Metro, April 2012,The Bruery Raises $15,000 for Local Charities
Bon Appetit, March 2012, The Newest Beer on Tap is...Wine
Food Republic
, February 2012, Best Buds & Suds @ FeBruery
CNN - Eatocracy, October 2011, Three cheers for sour beer!
Cooking Light Magazine, September 2011, 2011 Test Taste Awards

OC Weekly, May 2011, Patrick Rue is the Brue-master
LA Weekly, May 2011, The Best Brewery in the Southland: The Bruery
GQ.com, January 2011, This Year, Turn It Up To 11
RateBeer.com, January 2011, Best Brewers in the World - 2011
Draft Magazine, January 2011, 10 Special Releases to Grab This Year
Paste Magazine, December 2010, The 25 Best New American Beers of 2010
Esquire Magazine, December 2010, The Bigger Beers
Departures Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, California's Great Craft Beers
The James Beard Foundation, November 2010, Beverage Wisdom: Thanksgiving Brews
Brand X, November 2010, The Craft Beer Chronicles
NBC Los Angeles, October 2010, The Bruery Makes it Rain (Indoors)
CarolineOnCrack, October 2010, Who Did It Better: The Bruery's Black Tuesday vs Taste of Abbot Kinney
TimeOut NY, October 2010, The Season's Best Beers
The Rare Beer Of The Month Club
, October 2010, Beer Club Review
Huffington Post, August 2010, The Beer Fashioned
The Ledger, June 2010, Beer Of The Week
OC Register, June 2010, OC Craft Brewery to Open Retail Shop In Orange
Chicagoist, June 2010, Beer Of The Week
Huffington Post, June 2010, Beer and Barbeque in Orange County, The Bruery's 2nd Anniversary
DrinkEatTravel, May 2010, The Bruery: Ex Law Student Loves Beer Way More Than Law
The Full Pint, May 2010, Interview with Patrick Rue
OC Register, May 2010, Bruery Celebrates Anniversary With Limited Edition Brew
Caroline On Crack, May 2010, The Bruery's Anniversary
Huffington Post, April 2010, Beer Brownies
OC Register, April 2010, The Bruery's Summer Brews
GQ, April 2010, 50 Beers to Try Right Now
Forbes, March 2010, 50 Words on The Bruery 2 Turtle Doves
Slashfood, February 2010, Beer Of The Week
OC Weekly, February 2010, The Bruery Rolls out 3 Beers, 1 For Valentine's Day
New York Times, November 2009, Beer Connoisseurs Defy Hurdles To Start Brewery
Slashfood, October 2009, Beer Of The Week
Men's Journal, October 2009, America's Best Beers
Playboy.com, October 2009, Beer Harvest: Six Fall Beers That Are Ripe For The Picking
Forbes.com, October 2009, Beer Monday: The Bruery Orchard White
DRAFT Magazine, September 2009, Nine Beer Innovators To Watch
Relentless Thirst, June 2009, A Word With The Bruery
BeerandNosh, June 2009, The Bruery at City Beer
Gourmet.com, June 2009, Eight Great Saison Beers
LA Times, May 2009, What A Difference A Year Makes
FoodGPS, May 2009, The Bruery's 1st Anniversary
The Kitchy Kitchen, April 2009, The Bruery Tour
LA Brewer, February 2009, Helping Brew The Bruery's 2nd Anniversary Beer
DRAFT Magazine, January / February 2009: Top 25 Beers of 2008 (Orchard White)
BeerAdvocate Magazine, Vol. II Issue XI: Desserts to Celebrate
ChristinaPerozzi.com, December 2008, The Beer Chicks Favorite Things of 2008
Los Angeles Times, Nov. 5, 2008: A Craft Beer Revolution is brewing in Southern California
BeerAdvocate Magazine, Vol. II Issue X: Last Call by Patrick Rue
BeerAdvocate Magazine, Vol. II Issue IX: "A" Rating of Orchard White, Black Orchard, and Saison Rue